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Iberia MUD features

PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:04 am
by Viriato
Iberia MUD features:
- ANSI colour, MXP, MCCP, MSSP, MTTS/TTYPE and MSP support.
- All original code, extendable through Java or IME scripting even at run-time.
- Can connect to databases on flat files or database engines via JDBC/ODBC.
- MUD boards for public and private messaging. Based on privileges to players or group of players.
- Extendable naming for commands (can be set up for abbreviate command names or other syntax similar to other MUD engines), items and NPC.
- Simple security system, based on privileges to players.
- Solo and party quests, including automated, time-based and event-based triggering.
- All original combat system, focused on gladiatorial and "realistic" combat but always having playability in mind (multiple layers for armour protection, player can focus on body area to hit or to protect, player can define a combat style that influenciates damage made and turn duration).
- Thread based system.
- 7 ethnic groups to choose (the major ones at that time in the region).
- Leveless and classless (limited number of skills per character, and each skill upper limited based on character experience).
- Developed army combat system (players can command NPC armies in combats against other armies; considering the ratio of living soldiers of Roman and Barbarian armies, regions are then controlled by one of those sides).
- IC language system (each ethnic group has it's own main language. When speaking, other PC will only read sentences properly based on speaker and listener skill points).
- Translation system (it permit players set a language to translate all text sent to his client. Translation engines are not very accurate and this system increases lag greatly, but it can be interesting and useful for player conversations, for instance).
- Built-in map system, used via "map" command.
- No hungry, thirsty or tired by movement.
- Day (sun), night (moon), weather and season (summer/winter) systems, which can influentiate player actions (as combat or army combat).
- Builder authoring in each item/room/NPC created (checked via "author" command)
- Additional "today" description in each room that gives information about that room in the present day (geographical correspondence).
- Built-in alias system.
- Trigger system.
- Social emote system (around 400 emotes, which can be targeted or not).
- Activity system for set an activity to players perform when logged off.
- Surname system (setting a one time surname will give that player the ability to authorize or not others players to use the same surname).
- Player non-permanent death (skills and experience penalties for each "death").
- MUD help files and news board convertible in real-time in html pages.
- Intermud connection chat line, via Intermud-3 protocol.
- Built-in paginable text system: if huge amount of text must be sent to client and doesn't fit on client screen size, it stores exceeding text in a buffer that can be seen by user action (pressing enter shows next page).
- Easy online building system.
- Most commands are "syntax friendly", as they have aliases equal to other MU* engines command syntaxes (LP, MERC and others).
- Autocomplete system (using the character '?' followed by any character(s) will show you the commands that start by those characters).

Re: Iberia MUD features

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:55 am
by Viriato
- Description generator system for rooms, NPC and items, to aid builders a bit more. It's half way between a bare bones and finalized room/NPC/item
- Thematic augur/seer/priest as a lifestyle

Re: Iberia MUD features

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2021 9:02 am
by Viriato
- Items are saved in character between logins (one only looses them between on reboots)
- Gladiatorial combat and bet system (earn money by betting or fighting as a gladiator, though always risking your life)