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Iberia soundtrack

PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:08 am
by Viriato
Good evening!
The more recent update in Iberia is about soundtrack. Andrew Thornton, a fellow I met in The MUD Connector, composed 3 original songs exclusively for Iberia, Ante Bellum, Drums at Gades and Dreaming of Carthago Nova, that are already playing in the radio! They are really tuned to hear while playing/mudding and were included in the existent repository, so listen for a while to catch them!
Thank you very much for your work, Andrew!

You can see more of Andrew aka Neptuned Experiment works at

Related to this first information, there's also a new site improvement: since today, there's and embedded audio player to directly play our soundtrack. This time, thanks to HTML5 :) You will still be able to listen using other players, though, via the link on "radio" menu (which points to