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Roman encampment near Numantica

PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:21 pm
by Viriato
I've finally setup the Iberia MUD "cartographer", a Java application that not only aids builders to create new areas, but also exports the generated maps to image files. With this addition, it will be easier to share that knowledge, and hence this new forum.

Resuming the news about maps:
- maps are available in newbie board in MUD, at least for sometime more (the reason is explained below, with the update on map command)
- maps will be available in this forum
- "map" command, in MUD, will show 2 different kind of maps, considering where you are: if you are in the wilderness, the "world" map will be shown, but if you are inside a specific area, the map shown will be of that area (in ASCII, but will be one of the maps of this forum)

This first map, as name says, is the Roman encampment near Numantia. Thanks to Arcus, that found the hopefully last bug in this area :)