Experience variable - your thoughts about it

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Experience variable - your thoughts about it

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This idea come when I needed to comment something on another MUD. It's about how a character should get exp: if is standard to everyone, or if we should take in consideration other aspects. Read it, please, and give me your opinions (experience system won't come first in my todo list, but sooner or later I'll reach it):
I guess that again that would mess with the concept of exp.

Experience to level makes more sense to me considering the profession a person has (this thought can also be the same for skills). I may be a good crafter and a fair fighter.
- As I am a good crafter, I have knowledge to make a precious and rare ring. I am good, the difficult is higher, so I would get more exp.
- I am a fair fighter, so I can only kill low level mobs. I would get low exp for each kill.

Considering this, in my idea, experience could work this way:
- Or each character has multiple experiences variables (experience for fighting, experience for crafting, experience for farming, etc)
- Or if every actions contribute for the same experience variable, we should consider for each quest/action how good a character is and what he is doing.

A low fighter get less exp than higher fighter, because an higher one has more skills and can kill high level mobs. A crafter should work this way too, a farmer too, etc. This means a medium crafter would get more exp crafting than a low fighter killing mobs.

Also, I am considering two kind of quests: the ones that is not obvious the use of a specific skill, or the ones that you must use specific skills (if in a quest of get a sword from place X to place Y and get 100 coins, there is no specific skill, so the exp earn would be equal to every character; another quest where you must look to the horizon to try to spot an orc dressed in red, then you would use observation skill). So quests you do not use a specific skill would give the same exp to every chars; quests that use specific skills would give more exp to more experienced players (or eventually less, if the character who's doing it is a lvl 200 ranger, and the action he must take in the quest is comparable to a level 10 ranger, so he wouldnt learn anything new, he wouldnt get almost any experience by doing it).

Hope you all understand what I meant, because I like it :D
Viriato (João Afonso)

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