Army combat system

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Army combat system

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This should be posted eventually in another forum, but here it can give you all an idea how is it done (and any feedback will be good):

- each turn lasts 30 seconds. First 20 a commander give an order and both receive feedback from other's movement, and from 20 to 30 seconds any commander can attempt to change the first order, if he has good deception skill.
Combat itself:
- damage each army does is calculated based in each organization, moral and soldiers number
Modifications to the calculated damage:
- both army orders (your army and your opponent army: mass attack against regroup would do more damage than mass attack against defend)
- both army type (cavalry flanking does more damage, infantry mass attacking does more damage, archery shooting gives more damage)
- terrain type (mountain is more advantageous for barbarian troops and they do more damage, plains are better for roman legions so they do more damage)
- both army combat experience (if an army is made of green soldiers, its damage is low than if the army was made of veteran)
- both army train (every army is classified as \"superior\", \"ordinary\" or \"inferior\" considering if is a well trained army or not; if it is superior, his damage is increased; if inferior, decreased)
- if an army has it's commander leadering it (in the same room), then it will check its skills (if cavalry flanking and commander has good cavalry tactics, then damage is increased; archery army shooting and a commander with good archery skills, then it will do more damage)
- a random number is then added or subtracted
- the calculated damage means, now, how many deaths were made by each army
- after this, it changes distances between armies (starting each battle, armies are far away from each other and can approach during combat; one of them could be shooting arrows, while the other could be advancing; flee and retreat here have some importance as well - one will make soldiers run away faster and have more damage inflicted, while retreat will make soldiers run away more slowly, but less damage inflicted)
- modifications in each army morale (per regroup, per enemy death, per our troop death - here, like in other army combat algorythm phases, it also checks commander leadership skill; also checks if it's a veteran or a green unit)
- checks now if any of the armies retreat or not or if they are destroyed or not, either due to the \"order retreat\", low morale (barbarian are fierce warriors fighting in their homeland, so to retreat due to low morale is harder than roman legions) or big damage inflicted.

In general (but with lots of details), this is what happens during each army combat turn. If you have any opinion to give, please reply.
Viriato (João Afonso)

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