Here is the right place for newbies, to ask any kind of questions or to find answers for the basics of Iberia MUD. It is also where one can read the Starter Guide, and other useful tips.
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Greetings! Some have already met me, but incase there are more hiding somewhere, here I speak.
I'd like to say a few things about this MUD. First off, it's the first one I've actually genuinely had fun playing. All the other ones I've played so far are confusing, over-complicated, unfriendly, and quite boring. Iberia MUD is completely different: it's not extremely confusing to start in; it's certainly complicated, but in a way I very much like (the armies, the training); it's very friendly, Viriatos (how is it spelled): you are very nice and very much easy to get along with, your openess to new ideas is great, Alveron: you are hilarious and fun, I've only just met you, but don't change, I very much enjoy kicking barbarian butt with you; the combat is interesting, and as Viriatos has said before, I have yet to even scratch the surface. I really like how the MUD isn't just your same-old 'struggle along without anyone around-- level up by tedious rabbit killing-- join some guild and have no idea what's going on--' MUD.

Thank you for reading this. I'm glad to be able to play this MUD!
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Re: Avete!

Post by Viriato »

Welcome, Titus!
And glad to hear your opinion. Such feedback is also good to understand if we are going in the right direction or not. Feel free to say whatever comes to your mind, be it a simple opinion (even bad ones!) or a suggestion.

I can see you and Averlon will be a pain for me in the near future, so I guess I must lead my army and hunt yours down while you are low ranked ;)

See you around!
Viriato (João Afonso)

Iberia MUD administrator
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