New Combat_maneuvers

The purpose of this forum is to discuss new ideas for Iberia MUD, whether they be for new areas, update of areas, code changes, or any other suggestion. Player feedback is priceless!
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New Combat_maneuvers

Post by Averlon »

1."raise flag" This combat maneuver, of course raises your romans/barbs flag! This increases your 25%? Anyways, the description could say, Me ordering my men:Order raise flag, my army doing it:Roman legion gather around each other in preparation to do something, actually doing it:A single flag pops out of the crowd, the Roman legion moves with renewed confidence.
2."split forces" This combat maneuver could split your forces in half, or if you are a odd number..Eh, um...One half will get one extra person! This splits your forces, (Doh) making you have 2 armies to control..the desc could say, Me ordering my men:Order split forces, my army doing it:Roman legion is moving away from each other! Actually doing it:Roman legion has its army split in half. In order to control the other half of the army, you do: Order [army] 2 [order], or the first army, order [army] [order]
3.Did anyone forget the taunting?!?!?! "taunt" of course taunts your enemy, making the enemy's army harder to control, let's say...10% chance of advancing instead of doing regrouping or shooting, or even protecting? The desc could be, Me ordering my men:Order taunt, my army doing it:Roman legion starts yelling insults at random! Actually doing it:Roman legion taunts the enemy!

Any additions is welcome! :D
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Re: New Combat_maneuvers

Post by Viriato »

Answered you in MUD, but again, suggestions put on todo list.
Thank you again :)
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