The world has changed!

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The world has changed!

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This is a copy of the news, but is relevant enough to repeat it once again.

Iberia world has changed in size!

Our main objective is to increase gameplay and in order to achieve it, we shortened Iberia to about 1/4 of it's original size.

You will notice, though, the world is... bigger, so this needs a more detailed explanation.

Until today, despite having entire Iberia Peninsula in our database, only a part of it was open to play. It was our sandbox. We are few players, so a huge world would decrease playability, hence the decision.

As army combat became a mature system, and in order to develop Iberia further, we felt that this was the right timing to open whole Iberia. A bigger area decreases playability, as stated before, but let players fully explore and enjoy army combat in all Iberia regions. This is why we shortened the world original size and stepped out of the sandbox, releasing full Iberia as designed and created years ago.

It will be on testing during the following months and may be subject to further updates.

As a side effect, we significantly reduced armies and hordes sizes (armies are still exagerated in whole Iberia, but it's good for gameplay).

There are two more side effects about this change: first is that all players were moved to Nomantike or Roman Encampment based on their ethnic group. Second, Romand Encampment and Nomantike were moved from their original places! Room coordinates are different now and old aliases won't work now! Be sure to fix them and do not forget to give feedback on these changes!

Viriato (João Afonso)

Iberia MUD administrator
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