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Post by Averlon »

PromotionsBasically, this is for deeper troop interaction than to just recruit, and just fight, and then, the troops just die :P So, there are 2 ways to handle this:
1.You first pick 3 special people, and, of course there has to be 3 jobs too. They all should have unique names, however if that's hard, then, we could always do roman #1, or barbarian #1 (Yes, I intend to make this for all romans and barbarians alike :D) The three people you picked are then assigned to three different jobs, based on the ability to do the job properly..Like a fight machine dude can't exactly be someone who makes tactics :P The three jobs could be:Recruiter, lieutenant, and a captain. Let's say the captain is Averus, he helps the fighting..Of course, somehow..Perhaps there could be added one more death to the damage dealt already? :P Or maybe 2, depending if they are made for the job! >:D
2.The second way, is kinda simple, or simpler :P You could pick the amount of people assigned at a certain job, or like, promote 15 troops to [traditional roman rank, not higher than your own!], and of course, there should be maxes! There could never be 2 commander-in-chief of a navy, could there!?!?! The ranks I haven't really thought of yet however :D
Now, after all of this, you are wondering if there are any side-affects of promoting someone. Well, of course there is, but, it's mainly for the second way, morale loss. If you promote someone randomly, like without fighting and stuff, others who work really hard etc. who don't get promoted will be pissed that the other guy that did work hard got promoted. This could result in a SLIGHT morale loss :P

AgesDo you see a mainly made up of cavalry when you see troops, well, ages could work in the same way. It could be like mainly made up of 17 year olds, or maybe a bit more descriptive, mainly made of up really old troops :D
You gotta find the average of the ages! Now, the benefits..Younger people will be able to survive better and become veterans maybe faster,(?) because they are fighting along with the other big, fat, veteran veterans! Most troops are starting at 15 years old, but could be recruited way older, the range is 15-40! Older troops would die easier and faster, because they become old and weak, however a lucky few could be still fighting after 40!

RetireIf you are feeling good today, and don't want those weak 40 year old's to die in war, you gotta retire them! Unless you are feeling now so great, and wanna let the troops die.. On to the benefits! If you kinda just let the troops die at such an age, if later in the game there are bad and good, you will be shifting towards the dark side :twisted: But, you could retire the troops, and shift towards the better side of things :D

SurvivorsAfter a battle, most likely there are survivors! When you type status, there should be another survivor line, like and still 5 survivors remain! Or something :P If there are survivors from the last, last, last battles, they will add up with the survivors from the last battle, just the last battle :D The benefits could be a higher morale raise when you recruit troops? Mainly because since you have so much survivors, they will have a easy time and become survivors too!
Hah, war's not easy :P

RecruitNot expecting this to be made in a while :P This is used to see the troops that are recruitable in a certain place where you recruit troops. If the town you are in is conquered by you romans/barbs, then, you will be able to recruit troops there, however, only the ones that they HAVE :P The limits could be up to Unlimited, or to 5 or 6 troops D:
In the HQ all troops should be unlimited!!!!!! Recruit also tells you how much people are retired here!

Well, if you have any suggestions/additions to my suggestions already made, let me know!! :mrgreen:
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Re: Promotions/Ages/Retire/Survivors/Recruit

Post by Viriato »

Liked the ideas, and again, I've put them in todo list :) That also means that I will only look at the details when I start to think/code it. At that time, I will probably ask you for more details.
As we have talked earlier, armies will also have something like armour class and weapon class. Aging will also be interesting to add, but I am wondering if it should influentiate combat or just enrich RP environment. You know, you need to sleep and eat and study, but the armies will still be there 24/7 :)
It is also interesting the idea to add more troop interaction. Dunno if that promotion system will be the right way (or at least from what I could get after reading it)... Again, it is in todo list to be detailed.

Sooner or later I'll give more information about it :)

Thank you!
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