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Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:36 am
by Averlon
The roman camp has no woman :( So, here is a woman:
1.Beautiful without any question, her long black hair gleams, and her perfect body shines. She has dark green eyes, darker on top, and light at the bottom. Her eyebrows are curved at the end, which meets up with her eyes. Her chest is made up of two huge bouncy balls. That is placed on top of her skinny, long, and yet her legs are the one of the reasons why she's beautiful. Her black hair also has a pink little hairpin.

2.She has the role of keeping the troops' morale high up. Once a troop meets her, he falls in love, when the next battle comes along, the certain troop has the urge to must see her again. She also serves as a cook, her cooking is another reason why the troops come back more often.

3.What she could say sometimes are:
"Hmm, how do I look in this?" Woman says. (I'll lead the naming up to you guys :) She then giggles at the response.
"You guys must come back to me alive!" The woman cries, "If you don't..If you don't..I'll.." She cries again.
"Don't be too reckless out there!" Woman winks.

4.Yet all of that, she is...
...Married to the fat merchant hahahahha

Re: New MOB

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:50 pm
by Viriato
A woman in a Roman encampment? :)
World stills being shaped and your description properly registered :) Thank you!