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Iberia MUD Wiki

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Hello there!
To make it clearer and easier for everyone, I've created a wiki to store all Iberia MUD info in a more organized and informal way (which is very good for newbies - better than help files -, but also for advanced players). Currently it has the lifestyles one can have in Iberia (unveiling the next two playerstyles that will arrive "soon") and all quest info.
Concerning quest info, the exact commands to do the quests are hidden so different kind of explorers/players can coexist (the ones that "hate" such info, the ones that enjoy to have clues about how to start a quest or what to do there and the ones that want to know everything clearly).

You can follow this link or search for it in the top menu of our site.

Viriato (João Afonso)

Iberia MUD administrator
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