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The purpose of this forum is to discuss new ideas for Iberia MUD, whether they be for new areas, update of areas, code changes, or any other suggestion. Player feedback is priceless!
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Todo list - discussion - post 1 of 2

Post by Viriato »

As promised, here is a todo list with things I would like to discuss with you and hear your opinions (and then give some work to builders!).

Some ideas were got from Mud Connector foruns (I got the ones I liked more... I am \"stalking\" this forum for around 1 year:)).

Last thing: this post has many ideas. To discuss them, please do not reply to this post, but start a new one.

- NOW: as explained before, I assign to each terrain a number from 1-4, where 1 means usually bad weather and 4 usually good weather. When mud is running, weather randomly changes but considering those values (a terrain weather type 1 will hardly have a good weather).
- FUTURE (to be thought/suggested by builders/everyone): code air mass objects, much like NPC/mobiles/items, that travel around based on pressure diferences. Example: 50 low pressure weather objects and 50 high pressure weather objects, each of them with values like pressure, velocity, direction, moisture, temperature and size. If condition are met, it could generate hurricanes, winds (soft breeze, windy), rain, temperature variation (creation of seasons), sunlight time, etc. Weather can have impact in players, like dehydration, hypothermia, exposal to sun (considering player equipment and skill).

- NOW: no levelling system, no difference between players. The idea is that a man is a man... For you to be stronger than other, you must train yourself... so you must have better SKILLS. You can have what skills you would like to. If you have higher crafting skills than any other, you will be known as a Crafter.
- FUTURE (to be thought/suggested by builders/everyone): a levelling system based in experience (a farmer farming would get a smilitar experience of a burglar stealing or an hunter hunting). Anyway I would like that someone be known as a good farmer if he has good skills, rather than high level. So I am thinking the following: if you have higher farming skills, you will be known as a Farmer, and your level will be based in your average skills and experience you got.

- NOW: not implemented
- FUTURE (to be thought/suggested by builders/everyone): my idea is that, again, a man is a man (and everyone's chars in Iberia are considered having 18-20 years old up). Dont know the impacts in gameplay (just opinions), but I also do not pretend Iberia dependant of combat... So a realistic system, in an example, would be: a successfull backstab can kill imediately a person (kind of... it influenciates the health system described below). I am thinking in having something like this implemented.

- NOW: not implemented
- FUTURE (to be thought/suggested by builders/everyone): A complex, entirely wound-based system of damage representation. Suffer gashes, bruises, punctures, burns, and fractures - and, if you're fortunate, find a physician who knows the best remedy for each (NPC or a character that is dedicated to such matters). Wounds and scars and amputations can be permanently, while your character lives.

- NOW: not implemented
- FUTURE (to be thought/suggested by builders/everyone): your char can die permanently. You can then have the option of create a new char, with your surname, considered \"your eldest son\". If you were a good farmer, this second character will have, at start, some farming skills (the eldest son among lusitans followed his father way of life... the rest of the sons usually turned burglars). A family tree per family is something that could be implemented, with short description of each member life (eventually). Also, for not being easy a man be permanently killed, one can have \"3 chances\" to die permanently. The first 3 times a character's Health Points go below 0, he gets inconscient and regain it later. The 4th would kill permanently. Also, each 30-60 minutes of gameplay, a player gains the \"life chances\" he lost to a maximum of 3.
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