HTTP port tunneling - play MUD behind a firewall!

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HTTP port tunneling - play MUD behind a firewall!

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As some might know, I play MUD's for more than 10 years now, and I've had the same problem of, when at my work and using my enterprise internet connection, could not connect to any MUD due to security firewall.

Some time later I learnt that there is a way to round it: that is HTTP port tunnel. How does it work, and how can it round firewall? I'll try my best to resume it clearly:
- Your client mud connects to every MUD by tcp and to almost any port.
- TCP and most ports are blocked by most firewalls.
- HTTP and port 80, the one used to check webpages, is allways permited and opened, because internet should exist in an enterprise for investigation and such.
- HTTP port tunnel is nothing more than connect your computer behind a firewall to a second computer outside firewall via HTTP and port 80, and this second computer transform the information sent to tcp and port of your mud, lets say 5900 for Iberia, and send it to the MUD.

There are more than just one way to do this. I use HTTP port and HTTP host - check

If you need it and want hints about how to configure both programs and even your client (that's needed also), HTTP port in your computer and HTTP host in the \"second computer\" I spoke before, just give me a tell that I will explain everything detailed.
Also, if you are not able to have a second computer outside firewall to let you tunnel gimme a tell as well, because I may have the chance of using my server to do it.

NOTE: as many operations happen in the proccess explained above, the connection is considerably slower than a normal one, but at least you log in, even that for chat only :D

Viriato (João Afonso)

Iberia MUD administrator
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