How to start army combat

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How to start army combat

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Good evening.
After checking it is not that easy to start a life as an army leader, I decided to explain here, in short, how you can do it. This applies to everyone, romans and any other free people.

- As obvious, not everyone is skilled to command an army. Considering this, the first step you must take is train Leadership or Command skill (you have to train at least one in any of those). To do that, find an NPC trainer and type \"train leadership\" or \"train command\".
- Now that you have minimum skills to lead an army, you must find out a NPC that permits you enlist in the respective army. At the moment in the testing area, Punico will do it for free people and roman officer for romans. Once there, type \"enlist\".
- At this time, you have started your life as an army leader. You have the lowest rank possible, though (Decanus for Romans, Brigand for free people), which means you just can lead the correspondant army (\"help army_ranks\" in MUD to check it, but this means you can just lead Contuberniuns or Small guerilla bands).
- Finally, just find out any of those armies (type \"sitrep\" in your army's headquarter, where Punico or roman officer are, to check where are the armies, or simply just go after them in the fields), and \"lead army\".

I believe this is the hard part to new players figure out. The next step is engaging other armies, the most interesting thing of army combat system. Is better for you to test by yourself (you never die if you loose an army combat), so check \"help armies\" and \"help army_commands\" for the last details you need to know.

Hope this topic helps.
Viriato (João Afonso)

Iberia MUD administrator
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