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Translation system

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:20 pm
by Viriato
Good evening.

Iberia MUD Engine has now a translation system. In resume, you can set a language to translate all text sent from the engine to the language you choose. As it is a third party app that makes the translation (tested previously with Google Translator, but as such service will be closed by December and also it gets flooded easily by engine requests, I had installed a translator in server which now does the translations), probably the translated text will have alot of mistakes, but it still can be useful.

For more information about it, please check "translate" help file (this information will only be available at the next reboot).

Thank you.

Re: Translation system

Posted: Sun May 23, 2021 8:32 am
by Viriato
This system was turned off! Is not usable anymore.