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Iberia MUD Quests

This is the list of current quests and how to finish them. It is divided into 2 sections: the ones that count towards the quest tracking system (using “quests” command in MUD) and the miscellaneous ones (do not count to quest tracking system but are important or useful enough to be highlighted here).

Tracked by Quest Tracking System

Cursus Publicus Roman Courier

Description: there's a Roman Courier carrying important messages between Gades and Saguntum, via the Heraklean Way. To influence the course of the Roman invasion of Iberia, you should kill him to avoid getting to his destination.
Reward: rugged backpack.
Starting location: somewhere between Gades and Saguntum, in the Heraklean Way.
Rough solution: find and kill the courier
Misc info: the courier travels pretty fast, so be patient to find him but attack swiftly. The pack he carries is the biggest in Iberia.
**Exact commands:**

Exalted Old Man Cats

Description: an exalted and senile old man hates cats and want them out of Nomantike.
Reward: 50 gold coins.
Starting location: random place in Nomantike Oppidum.
Rough solution: ask old man about cats and he will request that you kill five cats and bring the collars they wear.
Misc info: despite being non-thematic, this quest relevance is because it was the first quest made for Iberia MUD.
**Exact commands:**

Royal Ankus

Description: in one of the remaining elephant training camps left in Iberia by the Carthaginians, there are still some entrainment going on. It has been heard that one of these trainers uses a special spear to train and lead his elephant quite successfully.
Reward: royal ankus.
Starting location: a captivity training camp to the northeast of Gades
Rough solution: kill the mahout, that's wielding a royal ankys
Misc info: the mahout and the surrounding elephants are very hard to kill, making it theoretically impossible to do it alone
**Exact commands:**

Stealing the Aquila

Description: an apparently renegade weak warrior is hidden somewhere around the roman encampment near Nomantike and wants you to steal and bring him the Aquila standard, to bring shame and dishonor to the standing legion.
Reward: Gladius hispaniensis
Starting location: Fossa and vallum
Rough solution: search around the encampment defensive measures for the weak warrior hidden place. Talk to him for a while until he asks you to steal the Aquila. Then, enter the encampment, go to the Forum and enter in the standards tent. Find a way to leave it with the Aquila in your possession and return it to the warrior.
Misc info:
**Exact commands:**

Silver lance of Olindicus

Description: Olindicus was a celtiberian warlord that lived 30 years ago. He was a legendary warrior that was known due to his victories against roman legions, whose success was due to wielding a Silver Lance that allegedly was given to him by the gods themselves. When he died in combat, the Lance was lost for some years but was found and currently is under the custody of Leukon, that lives in the oppidum of Nomantike. You should meet Leukon and win the challenge he will propose to you, in order to look at this magnificent and unique wepon.
Reward: Silver lance of Olindicus (unique weapon).
Starting location: Army headquarters of Nomantike.
Rough solution: talk to Carus about Olindicus or the Silver lance. He will inform that Leukon is the one with the silver lance custody and you should talk to him about it. Doing that, and after answering correctly his riddles, he will show you the silver lance.
Misc info: make use of the command “tell” on NPC (tell carus [something] or tell leukon [something], etc).
**Exact commands:**

Tutorial new to muds

Description: learn the basic commands of MUDs.
Reward: nothing.
Starting location: unknown place.
Rough solution: follow the instructions that will be given to you.
Misc info:
**Exact commands:**

Tutorial new to Iberia - romans

Description: learn about Iberia setting.
Reward: pillum.
Starting location: unknown place in Ilercavonia.
Rough solution: you join a roman army that is pursuing a barbarian army. Your companions are famous and will help you finish the quest!
Misc info:
**Exact commands:**

Tutorial new to Iberia - barbarians

Description: learn about Iberia setting.
Reward: triangular knife.
Starting location: unknown place in Ilercavonia.
Rough solution: you are in the plains leading the communal flock of sheep to graze, when some roman messengers arrive in a rush to talk to the town Elder. What follows is something unpredictable (but “factual”…)! Just like the roman version of this quest, you will meet someone (less) famous. You will then receive all instructions to finish the quest!
Misc info:
**Exact commands:**


Enter in Nomantike unnoticed

Description: enter in Nomantike Oppidum bypassing entrance guards
Starting location: Northern Nomantike's gate
Rough solution: sneak into the walls and search for a place where there's a rope hanging to inside the oppidum. Climb it down.
Misc info:
**Exact commands:**

Enter in the Roman Encampment, near Nomantike, without fighting

Description: enter in Roman Encampment, near Nomantike, without fighting
Starting location: Porta Decumana
Rough solution: the entrance guards are extremely alert. Make some noise away from your position, to make them leave their standing position and you can sneak inside.
Misc info:
**Exact commands:**

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